Electronic Billing

Electronic Medical Billing Information

Effective July 1, 2016
Corvel will process medical bills for MNIGA:
E-billing Information for Workers Compensation Medical Bill Submission 

CorVel Clearinghouse Electronic Billing- Connectivity issues and questions
Clearinghouse Name: CorVel
Contact: Christy M.
Phone: 612-436-2520 / 877-703-4240
Fax:  866-450-9388
Email:  stmn_clearinghouse@corvel.com

CorVel Bill Review Customer Service- Questions on actual bill review services/reductions
Phone: 612-436-2428
E-mail: mn_billreview@corvel.com

MNIGA Clearinghouse Payer ID: I9736

MNIGA Claims- To obtain claim number/adjuster contact
Phone: 952-831-1908
Claim Number Format:  XX- XXXXXX