Welcome to the Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association Web site. We hope you find this site helpful in providing information regarding the purpose of the Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association and how it protects Minnesota policyholders and claimants in the event of a property and casualty insurance company insolvency.


The Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association, a non-profit statutory entity created and governed by MSA 60C in 1971, is the property and casualty insurance guaranty association for the State of Minnesota. The association is composed of most insurance companies licensed to sell property and casualty insurance in Minnesota.


In the event that a member insurer is deemed insolvent and ordered to be liquidated by court, Minnesota state law enables the Minnesota Insurance Guaranty Association to provide protection up to the limits specified by state law to Minnesota-based policyholders and claimants who are holders of property and casualty insurance policies issued by the insolvent member insurer.  Coverage is not triggered until an order of insolvency is filed.

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